It takes a village to write a book!

It takes a village to write a book!

Yesterday I launched my first solo authored book.

OMG what a feeling! Creating Calm amid Chaos written by Marney C Perna! It was almost surreal to be actually there talking about the how, why and what I had done to achieve it. I had “done” that part so many times in my mind, my journal-ling and my visualizations that I hoped I wasn’t repeating myself constantly.

The euphoria and pride in myself was liquid gold. I mean that in a good way. I personally know so many authors and I had been feeling a bit…”so ok I wrote a book, so have many others” “it is really no big deal” . But you know what, it is a big deal and it is an awesome feeling. I was thrilled to be able to share why I wrote it, for whom I wrote and the help, support and guidance I received in writing it. Even to acknowledge how often I had decided not to finish it and the many reasons I gave myself that it would be OK not to finish it! I hope that by sharing my light bulb moment of realizing that my inner secret fear of “if it is not finished or published it was not a failure” and being able to move past that to “seriously..just do it Marney!” gives you the permission to know that it will be ok. Do not let the fear of what if’s failure over shadow the potential of what if’s it a success!

I also know it takes a village to write a book. My village helped me write it. My village where my tribe lives. My tribe is my family, my close friends, my clients, my colleagues and my support team. People who love me and believe in me even when they are not sure what I am doing. People who are willing to stand up and say well done and mean it, to convince me to keep going and to keep me accountable. People who back their words with action, love and the occasional kick up the proverbial :) People who inspire me to live up to their pride in me and their conviction of my ability to succeed.

Thank you all so much

Wish It, Dream it, Do it!

You will be so glad you did.

Marney Perna

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