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In simple terms Kinesiology involves the use of gentle muscle monitoring to achieve 3 main objectives. These are:-

  1. To identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional or other energy.
  2. To establish the body’s priority healing needs.
  3. To evaluate energy changes bought about by the balancing process.

In layman’s terms this simply means we find out what is causing you to feel absolutely terrible and how this can be turned around so you feel great.

The body is at all times trying to heal itself, kinesiology helps to identify blockages in the body which prevent that natural healing process.  These blockages may be the result of emotional trauma, unresolved stress, injury, nutritional imbalances or sometimes stuff too crazy to talk about.



A kinesiology balance usually takes at least 1 hour.  Your initial assessment will generally take a half hour longer  as I like to take a detailed history.  The number of balances required varies depending on your circumstances and your state of health.  Kinesiology is an amazing modality and immediate improvement may be noticed after just one balance.  I generally advise my clients to book appointments for at least three sessions so as to accomodate any future booking time being available.




As a variety of muscles will be tested it is advised that comfortable clothing that allows flexible movement be worn. Shorts, slacks or tracksuits are ideal.  Undressing is not required.


“How it can help you!”

Kinesiology may assist with a variety of problems and help to bring the body back into balance for well rounded health. They are generally summarized under the following headings:

  • Structural – Pain, Posture, Injury, Performance and Illness
  • Sports Performance – Injury recovery power, Muscle strength, Balance, Co-Ordination and Motor Skills.
  • Chemical/Food – Sensitivities, Allergies, Nutrition Deficiencies and excesses.
  • Education – Learning difficulties, Brain integration and Emotional Issues
  • Emotional – Emotional trauma, Phobias, Fear, Physical &/or Emotional abuse.
  • Goal Enhancement – Life coaching, Planning and goal setting.

Stress Kills

Who can Kinesiology help?

Kinesiology can assist anybody from the very young child, youth and the elderly, male, female and can even be used with animals.

A responsible adult has to be present at all times when balancing a child.




Can Kinesiology Help my Emotional Child?

  • Does you child get confused with numbers and letters?
  • Do you have an emotional child as they get more stressed with life?
  • Do they show signs of generalised anxiety?
  • Are they frustrated by trying to learn?
  • Do they practice their spelling over and and over just to forget it in the next minute?

For a child to learn successfully they need to enjoy learning. They need to feel the pleasure of achieving, doing well at school and being praised by their teachers and parents.  Children who cope well with change develop good social skills and fit in with their peers.

When we learn, we use both sides of our brain. Both the left and the right sides of our brain talk to each other, receiving and then processing the information and feeding it back to us.

However sometimes the information just doesn’t seem to make sense, it appears confused and it just becomes harder and harder. The more the child tries to understand and comprehend the more confused they become. As this confusion takes over learning becomes very stressful and no fun. The child just turns off! Or they become the class clown so everyone laughs with them instead of at them.  They become an over emotional child, crying easily for the most mundane reason.

The whole household becomes involved in the stress.

Using many advanced Kinesiology Techniques it is possible to identify the blockages, to get the brain talking to itself, and to make learning fun and easy. Just image the delight your child will experience when they can remember the entire spelling list or be able to do their sums, their confidence will soar and they will start to be involved in the classroom and enjoy it.


Animal kinesiology for your fur family’s’ health and wellbeing!

Does your pet feel fabulous? Do they have abundant energy? Are you worried about their anxiety issues?

pet treatments

Animals can also store negative trauma experiences and it is not so easy for them to tell you what’s up! This can present as behavioural issues, finicky eating, hair loss, anxiety and stress and also as injury causing dysfunction.

By using kinesiology techniques it is possible to find out why they are hurting, off their food and even what is bothering them. By using vibrational remedies as home reinforcement your pet can again feel happy and well. The muscular system for animals is similar to human and muscles can be reprogrammed to work and function better.

Especially good for anxiety, digestive issues, separation challenges, injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Contact us to see how we can be of assistance to you.