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Foot Joint Mobilisation

The feet are a marvel of engineering efficiency  that can take a lifetime of use but they are often overlooked.  Did you know that there are approx 206 bones in the human body and that over a quarter (56) are found in the feet (28 per foot).  Amazing don’t you think, especially when you consider the size of the feet compared to the rest of the body.

Pamper your feet they have to last you a lifetime.

  • standing for long hours
  •  poor fitting shoes
  •  ankle and foot injuries

are just some of the issues that can limit the ability of your feet to function as they should.

Your feet are not supposed to hurt.  Foot pain is not normal.

Healthy pain free feet are the key to independence and your feet need regular attention.  Regular foot care can make sure that your feet are up to the task.  With proper detection, intervention and care most foot and ankle problems can be lessened or prevented.


Expectations from having the feet mobilised

For long term benefit for those with problem feet a foot joint mobilization session 1 or 2 times a week for a number of weeks is recommended.  Of course every client is an individual and as such situations may vary.  A session usually only takes between 20 to 30 minutes.  Clients usually get immediate and long lasting benefit form the very first session.

Enjoy the feeling of being connected to your feet again!