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Does stress make you tired!

Does stress make you tired and why! Welcome to all the stressed Mums out there. The ones who are juggling young children, work/life balance, feeling like there is no tomorrow or even a moment in the day to just sit and be! Going to the toilet is a major event requiring lots of strategic maneuvering, […]

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Does your child find learning fun and rewarding?

Learning should be fun and rewarding so why do so many children and families struggle with the basic concepts of education. These children seem to find even the most basic tasks overwhelming and hard. Yet quite often they are extremely bright in certain subjects or activities. For a child to be able to easily learn […]


Kinesiology – the Mystery Solved!

Kinesiology, a wonderful natural therapy is fast becoming a must for anyone who is searching for the answers to their health and life challenges.  Kinesiology empowers you to take notice of what is limiting you in your life, to identify what, who and why you are restricted. The History of Kinesiology. What is it? For […]

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Aromatherapy & You

Aromatherapy has been used for many years to uplift and inspire us. It is the basis of the perfumery and cosmetic industry, however my passion for it comes for the use of aromatherapy in our health and wellness journey. Your sense of smell is one of the five senses for the human body. It is […]


It takes a village to write a book!

It takes a village to write a book! Yesterday I launched my first solo authored book. OMG what a feeling! Creating Calm amid Chaos written by Marney C Perna! It was almost surreal to be actually there talking about the how, why and what I had done to achieve it. I had “done” that part […]


Vision Board Tutorial

Discover the reason a vision board is useful for your personal and business growth.