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Dear Marney

According to the wikipedia the definition of Kinesiology is

” Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. ”

OK but what does that MEAN?

I’ve just had a kinesiology session with the fabulous Marney Perna at her clinic Kinique-Kinesiology uniquely for you and I can tell you I STILL don’t know what that means!!! But I feel light, positive, hopeful, READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

How can a kinesiology session DO THAT?? I have no idea but I KNOW how I FEEL after spending an hour with Marney. Actually, to be honest, I wasn’t even sure why I went to see her. I just needed…something. So I went and now I feel like Kassandra SHOULD feel…BETTER! lol More able to cope with whatever comes my way! I’m sooooo glad I went!

I urge each and every one of you who is reading this post…if you’re not FEELIN’ right, whether it’s physiological, mechanical or psychological…you need a session with Marney cause Marney KNOWS stuff!

YOU don’t have to know stuff, cause Marney knows THE stuff.

She will speak to your body and your body will tell her things that YOU weren’t even AWARE of! It’s FREAKY and AWESOME and MIND BLOWING.

see ya!
Kassandra Behrendt
Owner and Founder Attraxionz


Dear Marney

I have been a client of Kinique-Kinesiology – Marney Perna for nearly five years. We have been working on reducing my stress / anxiety levels and respiratory problems which are almost non-existent now:>) When the black dog does pay me an occasional visit I have much better strategies to deal with it now. Today I had an amazing foot detox and you could not imagine what emerged from the pores/soles in my feet – the swelling also went down considerably too and I feel great! This was followed by a meridian massage to help unblock some of my energy points and clear my DNA cellular structure with some beautiful shell essence.

Thank you Marney Perna for your amazing healing gifts – I shall be paying more attention to my Kinesiology maintenance programme this year.

With gratitude and blessings


Chris Knight
Director of Inspirational Connections 
Freelance Trainer at The Springboard Consultancy
Deception Bay



Dear Marney

“I initially came to see you as I was feeling out of sorts and finding it difficult to balance work and homelife . My youngest daughter had just finished school and was a working girl all of a sudden and my role as mum had changed. Who was I? You helped me find out who I was, and tapped into an underlying issue from childhood (7 years old) that was subconsciously interfering with my life today that had never been dealt with. I loved the Shell essence and Young Living Essential Oils prescribed, and after a few visits to you I am feeling like a new person who can take on the world. I recommend you and Kinesiology to everyone. It can tap into so much and resolve emotional and physical issues so easily and effectively.

Thank you so much Marney.”

Kate Porter

Everton Hills
April 2011


Hi Marney

“A friend recommended Kinesiology to me (bless them) and so it was that I first came to see Marney after having suffered years from chronic back pain.

The result of having a series of Kinesiology sessions with Marney was nothing short of a miracle for me!

For the first time in 15 years I was without back pain and felt that I had regained my life.

Then I injured myself snow skiing!

I must be the slowest learner out there, because I suffered through 3 months of pain and numerous wasted trips to the Chiropractor before going back for a series of Kinesiology sessions…. And guess what?  3 sessions and some recovery time and my shoulder is fully recovered.

Feeling that I had perhaps finally ‘Got the message’ I re-booked with Marney to explore if Kinesiology could help with, ‘less visible healing’!

I have long been unhappy with my memory retention and general awareness!

Well, I’m here to report that I’m a new person… my memory is way better then it was!!

And the best part….. I’ve had dyslexia all my life and without actually doing any  Kinesiology work around this affliction, it has spontaneously disappeared!

To say that I am excited with the new me would be an understatement and it is all due to Marney and her skills as a Kinesiology healer!

I truly can’t thank her enough!”

Andrew Chambers

Russell Island
June 2011


Hi Marney,

“I attended a talk by Marny Perna on the value and relevance of kinesiology. I found Marney easy and engaging to listen to. She spoke with clarity, demystifying kinesiology and making it easy to understand for a layperson. Her explanation of the energetic matrix underlying the body was clear and crisp and made a lot of sense…….the talk was cram packed with value. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have a great day

Warmest blessings,

Love and light”,

Annie Meredith

Author, Internationally Acclaimed Energy Medicine Teacher,
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A parent’s profound thanks

Dear Marney

“I am writing to thank you for your professional kinesiology care that we have been enjoying and benefiting from since last June (09). I have been experiencing a wonderful vitality as a result of your treatments and am very happy with the tangible results my 3 children have also been experiencing; such as calmer moods and relief from allergy symptoms.

I would like to share significant news regarding my oldest son, Riley, who is 8 ½. As you know he is a very bright child who has surprisingly struggled academically in school.  He has previously been diagnosed with cross dominance (right hand/ left eye) and auditory processing problems.

 The biggest area of concern academically for Riley has been literacy. He has consistently struggled to read, spell and write legibly despite now being in Grade 4. His weekly spelling test book reveals that week after week he was getting two or three words correct out of ten, was in the lower end of the class for reading groups and was unable to keep up with copying work from the blackboard in any legible fashion.

Riley has had about 5 kinesiology treatments with you to date and the results are remarkable. After the third treatment his attitude took a noticeable improvement and that week he got 10 out of 10 for his spelling test!! Major celebrations!! He is now consistently achieving above 7 every week. His writing has much improved and homework has ceased to be a struggle between us as he is no longer a bundle of frustration and anger.  On the contrary, he is absolutely revved!

At a parent teacher interview last week his teacher mentioned that she is noticing improvements in his schoolwork recently.

If tonight is a good indicator, then Riley is off and running with his reading after his most recent treatment with you last Saturday.  He asked for a particular book; which is an encyclopedia style children’s book. I found it and he made himself comfortable, proceeding to be enthralled by interesting facts which he wanted to read to me.  I think you would need to be a parent of a child who has struggled to read for his entire schooling, who has fought against reading the simplest home reader, who has listened to stories with rapture but never picked up a book to read for enjoyment to realize the amazement and joy of this moment. The most amazing part of the experience was the smile on Riley’s face as he laughed over the pages and his willingness to just keep turning the pages and reading on….
Pure gold!!

Marney; I am writing this letter both to thank you and to give you such positive feedback. Your work with Riley has, without a doubt, changed his life.  I intend on sharing his experience with the significant school community and hope that even this letter could encourage others to give their children the opportunity to succeed through kinesiology balancing”.


Heather Bradford



Hi Marney

“Me again!!

Riley did some reading for me tonight again and his attitude and fluency have definitely improved. I told him I was impressed and he said “yeah, it’s good there’s people in the world that can help us like that. There must have been a time when only one or two people knew it and they passed it one to other people and finally Marney learnt it and other people are still learning it” He’s got it figured out and best of all he knows you have made a difference”.




“Marney helped to bring Joy back into my life by assisting my Heart to Heal old wounds and be open again to Fully Loving myself and others, and allowing others to Love me. And that was all just after one session!”


Brisbane, QLD


“I engaged Marney to speak at our Soroptimist Club. She spoke well, was obviously expert in her field, and communicated with all our members in a natural way. As a result she gained more clients who have reported positive results since.
Marney cares about her subject and the people she talks to, it comes across in her voice, her manner and her professionalism.
I recommend Marney to speak to any group.

Trish Jenkins

Brisbane 2011


Dear Marney

First and for most I would like to thank you for all the care and support you provide me. I am very fortunate to have met you as a person, friend and kinesiologist!

I would also like to thank you once again for introducing me to the Anion Sanitary Napkins.  I never would have believed a Sanitary Napkin can actually help with menstural problems.  Since using them I have noticed an incredible difference with pain, blood flow and believe it or not , odour.   I certainly do not bleed as much as I used to, which helps with the constant pad changing as I am unable to use tampons.  And even with the less changing of the pads there is still no odour or irritation.

With all honesty I have highly recommended them to all my friends as I am a firm believer in Natures own ability to heal.

Thanks again for helping me understand a kinder and gentler approach in self healing.

Sincere and Kind regards

Vanessa G

Redcliffe 2010