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Stress Kills! Stress is a precursor  in all ill-health without exception, so it is important to address the underlying root causes, reasons and triggers of the stress in your life.

DE-stress your life to live longer, be happier and create calm amid your chaos.

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From the epidemic of sickness comes the emergence of the wellness industry!  People are looking for answers to “Why am I feeling so sick?” Kinesiology  gives you answers to your questions, it leads the way forward!

Are you tired of feeling sick, overwhelmed and burnt out? Do you need help in coping with the busyness of life, the constant merry-go-round of health issues and treatments? Does your child struggle at school, are they stressed about being bullied and belittled?

Your cares and issues are of importance and together we will identify the healing that is in your highest good.

Hi and welcome to Kinique a specialised kinesiology and natural therapy clinic in one of Brisbane’s beautiful leafy Northern suburbs, Mango Hill (near North Lakes). Here at Kinique you are special, you will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

More than just Kinesiology!

In order to obtain optimal health and wellness, we offer a full range of natural therapies that compliment Kinesiology. At Kinique, we have Ear Candling as well as Foot Relaxtion including Detox and Joint Mobilisation Techniques.

We also accept Spa & Wellness Gift Cards.

Ring now to make an appointment to get your answers….0407 029 943

Choose to change your life …! 

Choose to take 100% responsibility for your health!  

As everybody is unique the balance is tailored to suit the individual, and many times a specially designed Shell/Bush Flower Essence remedy is used as part of the healing process.

Give yourself permission to feel the very best you can, allow yourself the freedom to release the burdens you carry, to lighten your load and relax as you turn your life around with zest and excitement.

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