Kinesiology – the Mystery Solved!

Kinesiology, a wonderful natural therapy is fast becoming a must for anyone who is searching for the answers to their health and life challenges.  Kinesiology empowers you to take notice of what is limiting you in your life, to identify what, who and why you are restricted.

The History of Kinesiology.

What is it?

For those who find it hard to say it, it’s pronounced as kin…easy…ology.  Kinesiology uses the principle of the Triangle of Health, to describe how the “whole person” must be in balance in the physical, emotional and bio-chemical sides of our lives to have a happy and healthy existence.  Kinesiology (kenetics) is the study of movement and the forces that restrict or limit it. This restriction or limitation can come from many various forms of trauma including emotional, physical and bio chemical trauma.  The brain our super computer has a massive filing system where it stores all of our memories, events, sequences, and emotions. It uses neural pathways to transmit the messages required for optimal function. Trauma blocks these pathways and the associated emotional trigger causes stress and disharmony.  Muscles work as a part of a synergistic group, not independently. Groups of muscles working harmoniously allow smooth, instant and comfortable movement however, even one underperforming muscle affects the whole unit.

What happens during the Balance?

A typical kinesiology balance involves taking a detailed personal history, priority issues are discussed, positive goals formulated and importantly an emotional trigger identified.  The client is usually lying on massage table, undressing is not required. A technique called muscle monitoring facilitates to identify imbalances, establish priority healing and to evaluate change.  The body is at all times aware of what is required to heal, however sometimes a little nudge or guidance is required. We often tend to ignore the small hints we get of not feeling quite right, so the body gives us a bigger clue that makes us sit up and take notice.

How can it help me?

Kinesiology is an amazing modality and improvement may be noticed after just one treatment, subject to your state of health and circumstances.  The overlying benefit of kinesiology is the uncanny ability of your body to identify the primary emotional trigger for the stress response. Kinesiology is second to none in identifying the stress triggers of your life.  Structural injury, headaches, pain, learning difficulties, emotional trauma, phobias, chemical and food sensitivities, business blockages and stuff too crazy to talk about are some of the many possible reasons to visit a kinesiologist.  Corporations and businesses are using kinesiology more and more as a unique therapy in their corporate health and wellbeing programs, especially in assisting with staff work stress issues.

This relatively new modality which was once considered a little weird and wacky is now gaining popularity and professional credibility.

Kinesiology is life changing.  The question is are you ready for change?

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