From adversity to recovery via the detour of adaption.

How to overcome fears triggered by adversity and transform your business mindset in five steps? Energy goes where thoughts flow. In life we respond to adversity, challenges, or calamities by recalling a past memory file. This memory file is a part of the massive collection of stories, memories, and events, both real and imagined kept in the brain’s vast memory banks. The sequence or reason of storing a memory or fantasy is also activated by the ‘value’ or ‘weight’ of an emotion registered. If you can imagine a rate register that records the impact of an experience. The higher the reaction the higher the memory trigger. The lower the reaction the less potential for response. Generally, a negative event will have a significantly higher emotional impact or energy rating.

Take a scenario, of a business owner who releases a new innovative product, they are excited, enthused, and confident, and register a high value rating.  However, the market reaction is negative, with many objecting comments and responses, the product doesn’t sell well and loses the business money. The emotions of rejection and self-doubt grow, and a new file of failure is added to the brain’s memory banks. These negative emotions outweigh the initial positive ones. Down the track the business owner decides to have another go, however, their brain is there to support them, to let them know that last time it didn’t work.

“We have to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves” Beyonce

Remember, that you attract what you focus your energy on. Self-doubt, negative self-talk, lack of confidence and fear will generally attract or validate a previous memory of negative self-belief and of failure. Imagine these negative emotions and feelings as a ‘Friendship Circle’. They will feel safe around each other and will invite similar energies to join them. Failure, procrastination, limited belief, family outdated belief systems! The list is endless. The “I told you so’s”, and the “it will never work experts” are also part of this group. With all that negativity it is an uphill battle within yourself, especially in your head, to go ahead and have a go.

So far, it’s, it’s about feelings or emotions, however, when circumstances and situations outside of your control also get filtered in, it can lead to disaster. These outside influences include but are not limited to the weather, financial constraints, other people opinions, world economic conditions and a big one is health.

“Create the highest grandest vison possible for your life because you become what you believe” Oprah Winfrey

To override the impact of a high negative memory response, the positive memory response, needs to be of a higher resonance and higher energy. The excitement of success must be higher than the fear of failure. It must excite you more than the negativity disappoints you. The memory banks will register and record a higher response, that will become the default reaction. Be the energy you want to attract. Create a positive ‘Friendship Circle’, to help with positive self-belief, high esteem, and empowering self-confidence. Include the “I am’s – I am enough, I am capable, I am successful” and the “You can do this family” as well.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”  Amelia Earhart

Five Important steps for Recovery from Adversity

Step One: Identify your adversity and fears, be real and honest but don’t dwell on the negatives. Write them on a big sheet of paper and then begin to focus on defusing them with positive language intention. “My business is a failure” could be written as “My business is not successful at present”. “I am broke” to “I am not overly financial”. ‘I lost my job” to “I have no immediate employment “. The brain will register a more positive reaction to the second statements.

Kinesiology is brilliant in helping to identify your fears and blockages.  When you know what you are fearful of, you can start to take ownership of a more success orientated mindset.

Step Two: Adapt your thinking. Use affirmations to reinforce the positive belief and self-confidence messages.  Engage your five senses to further empower positive responses and uplifting energy. See, feel, smell, taste and hear confidence and empowerment. Adapt your environment by surrounding yourself with people and places that uplift your energy and give you support, especially emotional support and appropriate encouragement.

Identify and grow your ‘friendship circle’.

Step Three: Adapt the plan for the way forward.  Reshape your perception of how you see yourself. How can you adapt, are there things you could do to uplift or upskill?  Start by writing down what is needed. Make up scenarios, create lists and things to do. Be practical and positive. Remember to include the little steps as well as the big picture. This helps to integrate and activate both left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left is the logical and sequential thinking and the right is the more artistic and emotional component.

Step Four: Adapt your actions. Action anchors the recovery process. Replace False Expectations Appearing Real with Face Everything And Rise. To create a different outcome, you must do something different. Reach out and ask for help, do not be too proud. Another person may be able to see a way you have not thought of as yet. Follow your plan but be willing to be flexible and creative.

Step Five: Adapt, create, and claim an attitude of resilience and achievement. Resilience is a combination of inner self-confidence, a determined attitude and personal consistency.  If the first steps are too overwhelming or hard, break them down into more manageable steps. Consider variations to process always keeping the end goal in mind.

Life can be an adventure with many ups and downs; however you will always learn from any experience. The bonus is in understanding and knowing which experiences are the more beneficial and worthy of reacting to.  Recovery can be a slow process; however you won’t get there if you don’t start. Now is a great time!

If you are stuck in overwhelm, anxiety and mental fogginess, book your kinesiology appointment, and change your life for good.