Abundance Blockages and Five Easy Ways to Release Them

Abundance Blockages and Five Easy Ways to Release them.

What is an abundance blockage and how can it affect my life? An abundance blockage is a energy block or limited belief about abundance that holds a negative energy. There is generally the thought or belief that too much abundance or wealth is greedy and sinful.

However, abundance does not always refer to money, there is also universal abundance. This includes access to appropriate shelter and clothing, having sufficient  food and water to eat, a good quality of life in regard to health and also of social connections which includes family and friends.

An abundance blockage affecting a business partnership

During a kinesiology ‘business’ consultation for two business partners, it was discovered that one of the blockages to their business growing was that one of them had a subconscious negative belief about making money. It stemmed from an old familial belief that ‘good girls didn’t make money’. When the goal of “My business makes money and enjoys success” was used the partners had opposing stress responses to the statement. This meant that the combined energy of their partnership conflicted with their goal. We were able to identify who had the blockage, release it for a more favorable one and slightly adapted the marketing messages to ensure they were congruent to each person’s belief system. The business went on to grow and succeed.

It also went to show why, for one of them, that their life also seemed such a constant struggle to acquire wealth and abundance. By identifying the blockage and installing a new updated, positive belief surrounding making money and a happier energy to move forward this person noticed doors of opportunities opening everywhere.

Five easy ways to release an abundance blockage.

  1. Identify which abundance statement makes you feel uncomfortable.
    I enjoy abundance in my life!”
    “My life is filled with financial abundance!”
    “I find making money easy!”
    “I always have sufficient money for my bills!”
    “I enjoy receiving money from others!”
    Whichever statement makes you feel uneasy, write it down on a piece of paper whilst having an actual $50 note beside you. Each time you feel uneasy, look at the money and smile, then immediately write the phrase again. Write the statement 21 times. When finished, pick up the money, put it in your pocket, smile and  then walk away.
  2. Write down some positive affirmations regarding money and abundance and put them around your home. The fridge, bathroom mirror, near your car keys, on your desk, at work on the wall are all good places where you will see them regularly. When you notice them, say them out aloud. Always acknowledge gratitude and say thank you when you see or state them.
  3. Place a Chinese Lucky Coin in your purse or wallet. Make sure it has a red ribbon attached to them. As you use your credit card, refer to it as your fun card, knowing that to use it is a privilege that has a consequence.
  4. Place a decorative frog facing inwards at your front door and a turtle facing inwards at your back door. This helps to invite abundance into your home and not be drained outwards too quickly.
  5. Place your bills in a red folder that has pictures that mean success and abundance to you, on the cover. On the inside of the folder, attach a green envelope that has some money placed into it. This will invite a positive energy to the funds required to pay your bills.  (disclaimer is also ensuring your don’t wildly spend without thought or volition. )

Kinesiology is a great tool to identify abundance blockages in your energy and belief systems, it can help to discover where and why they are affecting you and how to remove and update them so that you will continue to invite and enjoy abundance in your life.