Banish Monsters and Spooky Ghosts

Monster Begone!

Does your little one get scared of monsters under the bed?
Do they suffer from night terrors?
Are they afraid of running up the darkened hallway?

I know the challenge that little ones have when they wake during the night and hear noises. They start to worry about spooky ghosts. During the daytime spooky ghosts are not so spooky, because there are more people around and it is brighter.

However, at night-time, the little one’s mind just goes into overdrive with thoughts of scary ghosts and monsters. As it grows and builds, they can become very scared and at times quite inconsolable. Logic goes out the window and comfort and nurturing are the best options.

A childhood memory.

I would like to share a personal story from my childhood.
When I was a very little girl, around the age of 6, our family moved from Maryborough to Brisbane. At the time I was suffering from a bout of scarlet fever, which Mum discovered at a later Drs appointment. It was thought that I had a stomach bug and a fever.

The fever would have contributed to my rather fertile febrile imagination and subsequent nightmare. As we had just moved in and the furniture hadn’t been fully unpacked, I was put to bed in the loungeroom of this new house. With the bank windows at the front it was lovely and bright and quite pleasant.

However, as night-time arrived and the darkness made everything gloomy, shadows started to appear at those once comforting windows.

Below the windows was a garden bed with tall, large bushy plants. They knocked against the window and made rather scary shadows. In my fevered state, I thought there was some wolves or wild dogs trying to get into get me. To this day I can still recall my terror and how frightened I was. I can recall being so scared I was an unable to call out to my mom or my dad, because I thought if I made a noise, they would get in through the window and get me. It was a long night!

Simple tips and suggestions.

Put yourself in your little one shoes if they’re experiencing a similar kind of scary thought process themselves. They need to know that their bedroom is a safe environment. They need to build the confidence to be able to call out.

It is lovely to teach them how to call on their guides and guardian angels to help prepare them. Maybe use a favourite nursery rhyme character that the children know and love.

In my childhood we would often say a little prayer before going off to sleep, it is a lovely and simple little prayer.
“There are four corners on my bed.
There are four angels around them spread.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
God bless this bed that I lay on.”

It can be used to set the scene for a happier night’s sleep.

Emotional Healing Mists.

I am a qualified natural therapist specialising in kinesiology and I love to help by creating unique spritzers for health and harmony. My clinic range is called Kinique’ly for you Emotional Healing Mists and I have just released a beautiful one for the little ones.

It is called “Monster Begone” – Perfect for when I’m feeling gloomy and scared. I laugh my fears away. I joyfully banish the monsters and spooky ghosts and feel safe and nurtured all dark energies are instantly removed.

This is beneficial for children who experienced night terrors and anxiety.

The affirmation that I have created to go with this is simply “Go away monsters and spooky ghosts”.


My little granddaughters, aged 2 and 4 have trialled my Monster Begone Mist and have assured me that my spooky ghost spray is the best, and they love it.

Can I help you slay the spooky ghosts and monsters for your little ones? Please reach out I would be delighted to assist you. My contact details are
FB: Kinique Kinesiology

Let’s banish those spooky ghosts and monsters and help our children feel safe and secure at night.