Domestic Detox Book


Domestic Detox – compilation book by Deborah Fay and Lorna Emblen

Marney Perna is one of the compilation authors in this book.

15 personal stories about the impact of common ingredients in foods and household products on health, learning, behaviour and childhood development.

Domestic Detox is a collection of personal stories. A testimony to cleaner living and the thought processes and lifestyle changes behind cleaning your act up. In this compilation you will find the honesty of the contributors moving and their tenacity powerful. Every story is an individual recount of each person’s path to cleaner living and the reasons they began their journey. They speak candidly about their children and their families and give a run down on why, how and when these changes occurred.

If you have been wondering about the various ways in which some very common ingredients in foods, in personal care products and in household products, can and do impact our physical and mental health then this composition will guide you through some of the real life adventures of how people eliminate many of these dangers and make changes happen.

Please share this journey with us and become a part of the growing global movement of cleaner, greener and chemical free lifestylers. We know our families thank us and yours will too.

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