Ten Really Simple Ways To Naturally Reduce Your Stress: e-Book


Have You Ever Wondered How To Reduce Your Stress Levels And be Happy and Content Again?

“Dear Fellow Stress Buster

  • Have you ever had one of those days where nothing appears to go right?
  • Do your stresses pile on top of each other?

Are you stressed out to the max?”


Would you like to learn ten really simple and natural ways to reduce your stress
for the amazing investment of only $19.97


No Drugs!

No added costs!

Safe for all family members!

This E-Book focuses on ten of the most natural and easy ways to assist you to feel better and better each and every day. My wish is that you take note of the areas that you find the most helpful and use the hints to empower yourself to de-stress your life.


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Don’t take my word for it, here’s what others have said about this fabulous Ebook

 “Thank you Marney for reminding me to smile, I look forward to utilizing your other hints as well.  I have also been sharing them with my 10 year old as well.  He loves them they are so simple and make a great difference in his life.”

Lisa J (Mooloolaba)

“I think it’s really good… and I even question if it’s a “no brainer” to us as I know many practitioners who could use some of the points in your book. My girlfriend Rochelle writes and I know the effort involved, so congrats on the work!” 

Ben E, NSW (Dec 2009)

“Thank you very much, I am truely grateful for the opportunity to learn more stratergies to improve my life. I am very grateful for having met you and look forward to sharing these terrific tips with my colleagues and clients”

Jane H (Brisbane)

“Thank you I have been looking for an alternative for pain and stress etc, and maybe I have found it!

Kelly W (Strathpine)


Stress is a leading factor in many of the major health issues in today’s society.  It directly contributes to cardio health issues, cancer, blood pressure and even anxiety and depression.

Do your or a family member experience any of the following:- “Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, feelings of low self worth, racing pulses, stress, low life energy, tiredness, exhaustion, low libido, autoimmune disharmony, anger and even work life imbalance?”

Would you like to learn ten really simple and natural ways to reduce your stress?

Why does stress affect your body?  Stress causes a physical reaction in your body.  It affects the area of your body called the Autonomic Nervous System which looks after the flight/fight response.  This response is the basic survival system of life.  Under stress or perceived danger the body goes into a kind of lockdown mode- the tail bone tucks under, the chin locks in, breathing is limited, the arms are flexed, the big toes dig into the ground, the knees bend and the calf muscles getting ready to either run or stay and fight.  The other main aspect is the brain goes into lockdown as well because it just needs to know to run or fight.  It does not allow the opportunity for thought processes.  You are in a state or reaction not thought with action.  Remember this is all because of the stress trigger to something.

Would you like to learn ten simple techniques that will help you to lower stress levels?

Who is affected by stress?  Everybody and anybody can be affected by stress from the young crying baby, the emotional child, growing teenagers, young adults, menopausal women, executives’ and right through to the boomers generation. No one is immune.  The result is a very unhappy family/work life and extremely low life energy that makes it very difficult to enjoy yourself.


So I ask you:

  • Do you want to be happy again?
  • Are you ready to embrace life?

Would you like to learn ten really simple and natural ways to reduce your stress?

I invite you to enjoy my E-book which was written to help you lead a life that has low stress levels and allows you to function at your very best.

This terrific Ebook is only $19.97 and remember there is no other additional outlay to follow the unique tips.

Yours in light and love


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