ReZiliance Mist


Kinique’ly for You-ReZiliance Mist (50ml)

A uniquely blended vibrational essence blessed by the amazing energy of a blue moon.

It restores and resets your core self belief and self-worth values and raises your vibration to match resilience and tenacity. Reach within to

empower your spirit to accept change and step forward with  freedom and excitement.

Be sheltered from the chock of change.

Beneficial for those who have or are experiencing the shock of redundancy, loss of employment, business stagnation or bankruptcy

  Affirmation: “I am enough, I believe and I accept change easily”

Not suitable for children under  of 15 years of age.

Suggestions for use: Spritz over heart region and anchor with the affirmation.

The mist can also be used by spraying in the air and stepping under the fine mist allowing it to gently land on your head region.

Initially use  three times a day for at lest seven days and then as you feel the need.

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