Christmas Calm Mist


Kinique’ly for You-Christmas Calm Mist (50ml)

A uniquely blended vibrational essence blessed by the amazing energy of a blue moon.

It allows you to feel a sense of calmness and poise.

To be able to step back from the stress and tension and to trust your inner knowing to make the best decision, one that is in your highest good.

Affirmation: “I am guided to calmness with poise and trust!”


Suitable for all ages from infants to grandma and also safe to use for your fur family. For all occasions of severe stress and duress.

Suggestions for use: Spritz over heart region and anchor with the affirmation.

The mist can also be used by spraying in the air and stepping under the fine mist allowing it to gently land on your head region.

Initially use  three times a day for at lest seven days and then as you feel the need.

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